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Four Types of Benefits Available Under Idaho’s Workers’ Compensation Law.

Following an injury at the workplace, employees in Idaho are entitled to the benefit of the state’s workers’ compensation laws. Navigating a workers’ compensation claim, however, can be difficult if you are not represented by an experienced attorney. Having legal counsel in your corner will help to ensure that you receive the fair and adequate amounts that are owed to you. Since your injury is likely causing you to miss time at work and incur expensive medical bills, ensuring that you obtain the maximum workers’ compensation benefits is crucial to your long-term physical and financial well being. The following is an overview of the four types of compensation that you may be entitled to under Idaho workers’ compensation law:

  1. Payment of your medical bills that relate to your injuries. These expenses are to be paid in full if they are properly billed to the workers’ compensation insurer.
  2. Payment during your time spent recovering, at a rate of 67 percent of your average weekly wage. This is referred to as time loss benefits. Payments start after the first five days of the injury.
  3. Payment for a permanent partial impairment. A physician makes this assessment by giving a percentage as to the loss of the use of a body part or bodily function. Idaho law then determines how much that loss is worth.
  4. Payment for your future inability to work, or for the loss of your ability to work certain jobs. This is also referred to as permanent partial disability. The determination is made by a vocational rehabilitation specialist, who assesses the extent of impairment, restrictions, and limitations that affect the employee’s ability to work.


While you may be entitled to each of these benefits—they are not all guaranteed. As an injured worker, you have certain obligations to demonstrate your need and eligibility. In addition, you must file your claim in a timely manner in order to avoid being barred by the statute of limitations. To learn more about protecting your rights after a workplace injury, contact an experienced Boise workers’ compensation attorney. Call our firm at 888-716-8021 to schedule your free consultation.

Alan Morton
Advocate for Justice/Trial Lawyer