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Three Steps to Take If Your Employer Doesn’t Have Workers’ Compensation Insurance

While working in a plant in downtown Boise, you fall from a ladder and suffer a severe back injury. This injury renders you unable to return to work. Shortly after obtaining medical treatment, you quickly find yourself worrying about how you are going to be able to support yourself and your family. Fortunately, workers’ compensation benefits may protect you. Most employers in Idaho are required to carry workers’ compensation insurance.

What to Do When Your Employer Does Not Carry Workers’ Compensation Insurance

  1. Call the Industrial Commission’s Employer Compliance Department. By calling the Commission, you will be able to confirm whether or not your employer does in fact have coverage. To do this, simply request the name of your employer’s insurance company.
  2. Ask your employer for a “First Report of Injury or Illness” form. In the alternative, you can ask this same question of the Industrial Commission’s Employer Compliance Department. The form is also available online. Complete the form as fully as possible.
  3. Send the completed form to the Industrial Commission’s main office in Boise.


After taking these steps, the Industrial Commission will then notify your employer that you have submitted a claim. The Commission will also inform your employer that it is responsible for paying your workers’ compensation benefits. If your employer does not have the required insurance, the Industrial Commission will take action to ensure that it is obtained.

Fortunately for injured workers, workers’ compensation benefits are designed to provide compensation for medical care, lost income, and other related expenses. Your employer’s insurance carrier pays these benefits. If the employer is self-insured, the employer is responsible. To learn more about how the attorneys at Morton Law Offices can help you file a workers’ compensation claim in Boise, read the firsthand accounts from other satisfied clients on our client testimonials page at http://www.mortonlawyers.com/testimonials.cfm.

Alan Morton
Advocate for Justice/Trial Lawyer