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What You Can Expect While Living With a Traumatic Brain Injury

Ever since your car accident on Bogus Basin Rd., you just haven’t been the same. You thought when you walked out the doors of Saint Alphonsus after treatment for your traumatic brain injury (TBI), you would immediately resume your normal life. Unfortunately, that just isn’t realistic for this type of injury.

The recovery time for your TBI depends on a variety of factors, including how severe the injury was and your age. A severe TBI could take months or even years to recover from. With less severe injuries, those under the age of 40 tend to get better faster.

Living With a Traumatic Brain Injury

TBIs affect not only the victim but those who care for them. Understanding what to expect when living with this obstacle can help you cope with what can be a long recovery and also help those around you to become more supportive. Your recovery will be much smoother if you and those you live and work with are aware of the following:

  • You need rest. Your brain can’t heal if it is constantly working. TBI victims must slow down and allow their brains to rest, and sometimes, they simply don’t have a choice. Your brain may decide for you that it is time to take a break. You will likely experience more physical fatigue, as well as “brain fatigue,” in which you simply can’t think or understand anymore. You’re not being lazy when you rest; you’re allowing yourself to get better.
  • You may need to escape sometimes. Your brain takes longer to process thoughts and conversations now than it used to. Because of this, you may need to leave a conversation or a situation in order to understand what just occurred. You may also find that crowds are overwhelming and may avoid parties and other social settings because of this.
  • Healing is often slow. The most important thing to remember right now is that recovery takes time. You may get discouraged or worried about your progress, but TBIs are often slow to heal. Grant yourself patience right now and understand that you are doing the best you can.

Get the Compensation You Deserve

Living with a traumatic brain injury not only takes patience, but lots of money, as well. Medical care is expensive, and you may be charged thousands of dollars to get the care you need.

If you suffered a TBI because of someone else’s negligence, you may be eligible to receive compensation for your expenses. The Morton Law Offices want to help. Contact us today to learn how.