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Medical Malpractice in Idaho

A husband called, because his wife had been diagnosed with terminal cancer. He explained that the reason he called was due to the fact that approximately six months prior to his wife receiving the news that she had terminal cancer she had been to the doctor, because she wasn’t feeling well. The doctor ordered a number of tests for her, and told her to call his office for the test results within a week from the date the tests were done. She had the tests done the next day, and seven days later she called the physician’s office as directed. The physician's staff told the woman that her tests results were negative, and they told her to call the office in six months if the symptoms did not subside.

Six months later, the woman returned to the doctor complaining that the symptoms were getting worse. More tests were performed, but this time, she received a call from an oncologist who told her that she had terminal cancer. The oncologist went on to say that he had also reviewed the woman's prior tests results that she had just six months prior.  He also told her that  the prior tests results also indicated that she had cancer at a level that could have been easily treated had she come in for treatment at that time. He asked her why it was that she did not avail herself for treatment back then.

She told the oncologist that her primary care physician’s office told her that that the tests were negative, but to call the office back in six months if the symptoms did not resolve themselves.

Unfortunately, a few weeks later, the woman died as a result of the cancer. Oncologists advised us that had she received the life saving treatment just six months prior to her receiving the news of the cancer that it would have been more likely than not that she would have survived the cancer  with proper treatment since the type of cancer she had in its early stages had a good history of treatment during the first two stages of the cancer. They also opined that the delay in obtaining treatment reduced her survivability to zero, and that the unfortunate medical mistake of misinforming her regarding the test results proximately caused her untimely death.

According to the Journal of American Medical Association (JAMA), the third leading cause of death is now medical malpractice, right behind heart disease and cancer.

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