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What You Need to Do to Prove a Defective Product Caused Your Injuries

You splurged on a hairdryer that promised to give you gorgeous, flowing locks. It ended up giving you third degree burns instead. You had to visit the doctor’s office numerous times for treatment and purchased a variety of different (and expensive) medications. You also had to miss a few days from work because of the injury.

You believe that a flaw in the manufacturing of the hair dryer caused your injuries, and you want the manufacturer to pay. You are considering a lawsuit to help cover some of the expenses related to the accident.

What You’ll Need to Prove Your Case

Before you walk into a Boise courtroom, you’ll need to have the correct type of evidence to prove you deserve compensation:

  • Proof that the defect caused your injury. In order to win your case, you must prove that the defect was directly responsible for your injury. For instance, if you can prove that the part of the hair dryer that regulates its temperature is defective, you may win the case. If the problem with the hair dryer doesn’t typically cause the type of response you received, you may have difficulties winning your case.
  • Proof you were using the product as it is intended. If you were injured by the hair dryer when using it in a way that is not intended, you likely won’t win your case. But if you can prove you were indeed using the product in the way you are supposed to, you may be successful in your suit.
  • You will also need to prove that you were actually—not almost—injured, and that the product is actually defective.

An Attorney Can Help

Defective product lawsuits occur frequently in Boise, and the Morton Law Offices have helped many clients seek the compensation they deserve. Connect with us today to speak with an attorney about how we may be able to help.