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Quid Pro Quo Harassment in the Workplace: Are You a Victim?

As a Boise employee, you are entitled to work in an environment in which you feel safe and unthreatened. Unfortunately, this isn’t the case for you. You were hired for what you thought was your dream job, but it soon turned into a nightmare when your boss started making unwelcome advances toward you. You asked him to stop, but he continued to pursue.

Are You a Victim of Quid Pro Quo Sexual Harassment?

Two types of sexual harassment occur in the workplace: quid pro quo and hostile work environment. Quid pro quo harassment occurs when an employer conditions employment benefits based upon actions that are sexual in nature. You may have been a victim of such harassment if:

  • You were subjected to unwelcome sexual harassment in the form of sexual advances or requests for sexual favors.
  • Advancement in the workplace, such as special treatment, pay increases, and promotions, are based on the provision of sexual favors.
  • The rejection of sexual advances led to tangible employment detriment, such as a demotion, loss of employment, or denied raises.

If you are able to prove that you were the victim of such harassment, you may be entitled to receive financial compensation. In order to prove you were subjected to such treatment, you’ll need to provide proof that:

  • You were in fact subjected to unwelcome sexual advances
  • Your refusal resulted in denial of specific benefits

You’re Not Alone

You may feel like you are fighting this battle alone, but you’re not: we are here for you. The attorneys of the Morton Law Offices have helped many victims of sexual harassment fight for their rights and seek the justice they deserve. We may be able to do the same for you.

Contact us today to speak with an attorney about your situation. You don’t have to sit in silence any longer. Take action by hiring an attorney.