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5 Key Ways to Avoid a Right-Hook Bicycle Accident

As bicycling grows in popularity throughout the Boise area, the Ada County Highway District has plans to expand bike lanes and take other measures to make it safer for bicycles and vehicles to share the road. Unfortunately, there are still many dangers that are present for bicyclists. Travelling on roads alongside motor vehicles puts the bicyclists at risk of injury because there is nothing to protect them in the event of a collision with a fast moving and powerful car. One of the more common types of bicycle accidents that occur is known as a “right hook.” This type of crash happens when a driver passes a bicyclist and then quickly makes a right turn. It is difficult for the bicyclist to avoid the collision because it happens so quickly.

5 Ways to Avoid Injury From Right-Hook and Other Bicycle Accidents

Fortunately, there are steps that a bicyclist can take to avoid being hit in a right-hook crash or other accident involving a motor vehicle. The following are five such safety measures to be aware of:

  • When driving your bicycle, take up the entire lane. This may sound selfish, but it is important when protecting your safety. By taking up the entire lane, you will make it far more difficult for a vehicle to attempt to pass you, cut you off, or turn the car into your bike.
  • Drive on the roadway and avoid ever driving on the sidewalk. While it may seem as though you would be safer on the sidewalk, the opposite is true. This is because the driver of a vehicle typically will not see you if you try to return to the road from the sidewalk—making it more likely that you will be hit. Stay on the road so that you remain in the driver’s line of sight during the entire time that you are sharing the roadway.
  • Invest in bicycle mirrors to improve your view. Mirrors can be installed in many places, such as the handlebars or helmet. This seemingly simple tool is an excellent and inexpensive safety feature that can go a long way towards helping you avoid an accident. Mirrors allow you to see any approaching vehicles, especially when entering an intersection.
  • Use clear hand signals when making a turn. It is important to communicate with the other parties that you are sharing the road with.
  • If a vehicle is driving too close behind you or you otherwise sense that the car may attempt to pass you, consider pulling over and letting it pass, if pulling over is a safe option. It is sometimes better to step aside in order to prevent an accident with an overly aggressive driver.


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Alan Morton
Advocate for Justice/Trial Lawyer