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Road Debris on Roads and Highways Causes Serious Injuries and Deaths

While our roadways are much cleaner than they were decades ago, debris remains a serious problem. Even safety-minded motorists may not be watching out for this hazard, making them less equipped to respond when they are confronted with objects flying at them or lying on the road. According to the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety, debris causes 25,000 accidents annually, resulting in motorists suffering life-altering injuries or dying.

Eight Ways Debris Causes Accidents

Debris can be especially dangerous on roadways and highways with higher speeds and heavy traffic. It can result in multi-vehicle crashes when one vehicle trying to avoid a hazard swerves and hits another passenger vehicle or truck that starts a chain reaction of collisions. Common ways these accidents occur include:

  1. Debris from vehicles. When motorists do not secure items like mattresses, furniture, and boxes, these items can fall out of their trucks or half-open trunks, causing motorists to suddenly swerve to avoid hitting or being hit by these objects.
  2. Unsecured truck loads. When a trucker fails to secure his cargo properly, it can fall off the truck. This can be especially dangerous because trucks transport large objects like pipes, logs, and vehicles that can block more than one lane of traffic and are substantially heavier than objects flying from passenger vehicles, resulting in more catastrophic injuries and fatalities.
  3. Vehicle parts. Dodging tires and tire treads strewn across a highway or road can be dangerous, especially if it the tires are from a big-rig truck. In addition, fallen mufflers, fenders, or other vehicle parts can pose problems for motorists.
  4. Construction materials. Concrete, asphalt, and other road construction materials can cause accidents if not cleaned up by workers.
  5. Sharp objects. These can include nails, glass, and other sharp objects. Motorists can get into accidents trying to avoid them. If the objects puncture their tires and cause a flat tire or blowout, they can also crash.
  6. Objects from accidents. If vehicle parts and glass from a prior accident are not properly cleaned up, they can puncture tires or require other motorists to swerve around them.
  7. Animal carcasses. Large animal corpses left on the road can cause major vehicle damage and a crash when motorists swerve to avoid them.
  8. Intentional acts. Sadly, some people intentionally throw dangerous debris from overpasses onto unsuspecting motorists on highways below.

Many of these accidents could be avoided if motorists and truckers secured their loads properly, did routine maintenance like replacing worn tires, and were responsible about cleaning up trash and fallen objects. If you or a family member was injured in an accident caused by a negligent driver’s debris, call me at 888.716.8021 to schedule a free, no-obligation consultation.