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6 Serious Injuries Victims of T-Bone Accidents Suffer

Side-impact, or T-bone, accidents occur when one vehicle smashes into the side of another vehicle. Because the victim has little protection from the vehicle hitting him, he can suffer even more severe injuries, causing him to incur expensive medical bills and to be off work for a lengthy period while he recovers.

Common Injuries Caused by Side-Impact Collisions

Victims of side-impact collisions are not only hurt by the vehicle hitting them. Often the force of the impact can cause the victim’s vehicle to collide with another vehicle or an object, such as a concrete lane divider or a tree.  Common injuries a person could suffer include:

  • Fractured bones. The door of the vehicle that is hit can be crushed in a side-impact collision, resulting in the motorists suffering serious bone fractures—like broken collarbones, ribs, arms, legs, wrists, or hands.  The hip joint often takes the brunt of the crash, and the person’s hip socket can become dislocated or his hip could be fractured.
  • Whiplash. The unnatural jolting and stretching of the victim’s neck and shoulders can cause him to suffer whiplash, or sprained or torn muscles, ligaments, and tendons. He could experience long-term pain and limitations in his daily activities.
  • Herniated discs. The discs surrounding the spine can rupture or the spine can become compressed in a side-impact crash, resulting in the injured person needing surgery and months of physical therapy and pain medication.
  • Internal organ damage. The force of the impact can tear blood vessels connected to the victim’s internal organs or tear organs, creating a life-threatening medical condition that could lead to the person’s death.
  • Skull fractures and brain damage. Even a minor blow to the head can result in a person suffering a head injury or traumatic brain damage, with life-long changes to his abilities to think, reason, and perform his day-to-day activities.
  • Spinal cord damage. The violent impact of the crash can bruise a person’s spinal cord or, in severe cases, sever it, resulting in partial or complete paralysis.

If you were hurt in a side-impact accident, you could incur mounting medical bills and be off work for months or longer while you recover. I have helped many car accident victims like you obtain the compensation they need and deserve. Call me at 888.716.8021 to schedule a free, no-obligation consultation to learn how I can assist you.