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How Trucker Negligence Causes Dangerous—and Preventable—Side Collision Accidents

Truck side impact collisions—also known as T-bone collisions—can be especially dangerous for the victims because there is only the vehicle door and window protecting the person being hit. This is true even if the truck is going at a relatively slow speed given the massive weight of the truck. The truck can also push the vehicle into other lanes—causing an even deadlier multi-crash accident. Victims can suffer horrific injuries like traumatic brain injury, broken bones, pelvic fractures, and spinal cord injuries. However, they may be entitled to compensation for their injuries from the negligent trucker and the company that employs him.

Main Reasons Truckers Cause T-Bone Crashes

Driver errors and violations of traffic laws are the main cause of trucker side impact crashes. Sadly, these would not happen if truckers were more careful. Common ways truckers’ negligence causes these wrecks include:

  • Close-up of semi truckRolling to a stop. Trucks are notoriously difficult to slow down and stop. As a result, negligent truckers often roll through a four-way stop—with deadly consequences when they roll into another vehicle.
  • Failing to yield. Even if a trucker stops at a four-way stop sign, he may not follow the rule of allowing the vehicle to his left to go first. When this happens, a T-bone crash is the result.
  • Running red lights. Whenever a driver runs a red light, he is speeding up to try to make the light. This is even more deadly when a trucker tries to run a red light, resulting in motorists suffering more life-altering injuries or being killed.
  • Turning left at light. Truckers who fail to gauge whether they have enough time to turn left at a stop light or who are in a rush to make the light can turn left into other vehicles legally in the intersection.
  • Right turn errors. When truckers are not vigilant enough before turning right at an intersection or stop light, they can crash into a speeding vehicle they did not see who suddenly appears and has right of way.
  • Intoxication. When truckers are driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol, their reaction times and driving skills are reduced. As a result, they could make a poor decision like to trying to run a red light that they would not make if they were sober.
  • Weather conditions. When visibility is poor or roads are slick due to rain, fog, snow, or ice, truckers need to drive even more slowly and carefully to avoid causing a side impact collision by sliding into someone.
  • Faulty brakes. Faulty brakes can be catastrophic in an accident. Unfortunately, truckers routinely drive their trucks when their brakes need repair, or worse, after they have been depowered or adjusted to reduce wear and tear—with devastating consequences if the trucker causes a side impact collision.

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