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Understanding the Time Limits for Filing an Idaho Car Crash Claim

Following a car accident in Idaho, your time in which you can pursue a legal claim is limited. This time limit is also known as a statute of limitations. Since your ability to recover compensation for your losses and financial harm following an accident is dependent upon your right to bring a legal action—it is crucial that you pay close attention to time limitations for filing a claim. Attempting to recover damages from the party at fault in your accident may be your only chance to ensure that all of your present and future medical expenses will be adequately covered. The following is an overview of the statute of limitations for auto accident claims in Idaho.

If you were hurt in a car crash, there are two dates that are vital and that you need to be aware of. These dates include:

  1. Two years following the date of the accident – If you are filing a claim for personal injury after the crash, you have two years to do so.
  2. Three years after the date of the crash – If you are pursuing a lawsuit for property damage—such as damage to your motor vehicle—you have three years in which to do so.


One important exception to these statutes of limitation is where the accident involves the government. An example of this would be if you were rear ended by a city bus. In these cases, the statutes of limitations described above do not apply. In all likelihood, you must file a claim involving the government much quicker than a civilian personal injury or property damage lawsuit.

While you may have between two and three years in which to file your claim for damages following the accident, it is important to the success of your action that you begin preparing your case as soon as possible after the crash. For more information about protecting your rights after a crash, contact an experienced Boise car accident attorney today. Call our firm today at 888-716-8021 to schedule a free consultation.

Alan Morton
Advocate for Justice/Trial Lawyer