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Driving Near Big Rigs Is a Big Problem: Tips on How to Stay Safe

Interstate 84 is heavily traveled by motorists and truck drivers alike. You’d be hard-pressed to drive on the busy road and not find yourself surrounded by enormous trucks that make your vehicle look like a tiny clown car.

You know just how dangerous accidents involving big rigs are. It seems that serious injuries and fatalities occur whenever a crash happens, and you don’t want to be involved in them. But how can you keep yourself safe?

Sharing the Road With Tractor Trailers

Since eliminating trucks from the road isn’t an option, you’re going to have to learn how to drive near them. Here, we discuss ways you may be able to keep yourself safe:

  • Keep your distance. Passenger vehicles and trucks work best when they are in long-distance relationships. Give the truck plenty of room by not following too closely or traveling alongside the truck—the driver won’t see you if you’re too close. Giving the truck space increases your chances of being seen and gives you time to react to a sudden brake or other movement.
  • Lean towards the left. Trucks often make wide right turns. The drivers can’t always see what is alongside their trucks and often collide with cars that make the mistake of getting on the right side before the turn. Prevent this from happening by staying on the left side of the truck, if you have to drive on the side of the truck at all.
  • Beware of the wind. Large trucks create wind currents that can affect nearby drivers. Although the best tactic to keep yourself safe is to avoid being anywhere near a truck, the second best is to prepare yourself for the extra force of wind turbulence when driving.

When Your Efforts Fail

It is possible to do all you can to drive safely and still become the victim of an accident. You can’t control those around you, and sometimes, you become injured as a result of their negligence.

If you found yourself in this type of situation, contact the Morton Law Offices to find out if we can help you receive the compensation you need that could help pay for medical bills, time away from work, vehicle repairs, and the like.