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10 Most Common Workplace Injuries Resulting in Workers’ Compensation Claims

When we go to work in Idaho, we focus on doing a good job and getting paid. The last thing we may worry about is getting injured on the job and needing to file a workers’ compensation claim. However, in many industries—including healthcare, construction, manufacturing, and office work—employees risk serious injuries and death just by going to work.

The Most Frequent Types of Injuries on the Job

Sadly, many workplace injuries could be prevented if employers took employee safety seriously and implemented federally-regulated and common sense safety practices. However, until that happens, workers will continue to suffer these common injuries:

  1. Overexertion. These injuries are caused by pulling, lifting, pushing, holding, carrying, and throwing activities at work. Overexertion injuries have consistently been ranked as the number one work-related injury.
  2. Slipping and tripping. Wet floors, icy conditions, worn and torn carpet, broken stairs, uneven flooring, and debris are just a few of the causes of workers slipping or tripping. Employees hurt in these accidents can suffer serious injuries, like back injuries, spinal cord injuries, fractures, and traumatic brain damage.
  3. Falls from heights. These accidents occur when workers—often in construction—fall from roofs, ladders, and scaffolding, resulting in life-threatening injuries and death.
  4. Reaction injuries. When workers catch themselves from falling or tripping, they often suffer other injuries, such as torn ligaments, broken fingers and toes, and muscle injuries.
  5. Struck by an object. Objects falling from shelves or dropped by another employee can cause life-altering injuries like brain damage and paralysis.
  6. “Walking into” injuries. When an employee walks into walls, doors, windows, or furniture, he can suffer many injuries, such as to his head, neck, knee, or foot.
  7. Vehicle accidents. Workers who drive for their job, such as truck drivers, can suffer major injuries or death if they are involved in a vehicle accident.
  8. Machine entanglement. These accidents most commonly happen in factories or construction where large machinery is used. A worker’s hair, clothing, or body part could become caught in the machinery—sometimes causing an amputation of the person’s fingers, toes, or worse.
  9. Repetitive motion injuries. Workers may not realize how they can become injured from doing the same task—such as working on a keyboard and staring at a computer—all day. However, they can suffer muscle and tendon strains, vision problems, back pain, and carpel tunnel syndrome.
  10. Violent acts. While less common, attacks by workers can lead to their co-workers suffering serious injuries or death.

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