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The Shocking Truth: Two Kinds of Nursing Home Abuse Not Many Know About

It’s a sad but true fact that nursing home abuse takes place all across the United States. Although the thought is quite disturbing, elders are the victims of physical and emotional abuse quite frequently. Two other types of abuse exist that don’t get much attention, but they are still dangerous and should be stopped. The following examples of nursing home abuse attack a person’s finances and insurance.

Financial Exploitation

Caregivers often take advantage of the trust and bond that is formed between themselves and the elders they look after. The senior may give financial information to the caregiver, only to have that person steal from them. The caregiver may also threaten or manipulate the elder into giving that information. Signs of financial exploitation include the addition of names to the senior’s signature card, unpaid bills, lack of medical care, sudden changes in the elder’s financial situation, and suspicious changes in important financial documents.

Healthcare Fraud and Abuse

In order to get more money from the insurance company, some caregivers will commit fraud with the elder’s insurance company. For instance, they may bill for the same services and procedures duplicate times or provide inadequate care when the bills are paid in full. Evidence of under medication or overmedication may be present, or you may find signs of problems with the care facility.

Nursing home abuse should never happen, but unfortunately—it does every day. Those who have mistreated your elders should be held accountable and should pay for what they did. That is where the attorneys of the Morton Law Offices come in.

We may be able to help you seek the justice you deserve from the nursing home that has failed you. Give us a call today to find out how we can assist you and your family.

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Alan Morton
Advocate for Justice/Trial Lawyer