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You are driving down the Connector in Boise, Idaho and another driver runs a red light and crashes into the side of your car. You called 911 and reported the collision to the police, and then you get out of your car with the intent to exchange insurance information with the other. However, the other driver tells you that he let his insurance lapse a couple of months ago and he is now uninsured. What do you do?

You should treat the accident scene as you would as if the other party were insured which include the following:

1) Remain in your vehicle until it is safe to leave the vehicle. Take 3 deep breathes. Relax.

2) Call the police for assistance. The police can secure the area and make it safe for you. Some people have been injured and even killed by traffic passing by an accident while roaming about the accident site.

3) If safe to leave the vehicle, take special note of any witnesses in the area who might have seen the collision. Take pictures of their license plates. Take pictures of the damages of the vehicles involved in the collision. Take note and photograph the position of the vehicles after impact. Walk off/ measure and photograph any skidmarks or marks on the roadway.

4) If you are injured, sit tight and obtain an assessment from EMTs who respond to the scene of the collision. Have them transport you to a local hospital for further assessment and radiological studies (x-rays, CT scans or a MRI) for a proper diagnosis if you are having any pain. The ER physicians or hospital staff can recommend treatment or refer you to a specialist to properly treat your injuries.

5) Follow through with the treatment and therapy recommended by your physicians.

6) There are few things in life that are free, but having a free initial consultation with an experienced trial lawyer is one of them. Take the opportunity to consult with an experienced trial lawyer to ascertain your legal rights and remedies.

You probably have uninsured motorist coverage also known as UM coverage. UM coverage provides you with insurance coverage for your bodily injury claim in the event the other driver is uninsured up to the level of your policy limit. The minimum limits for bodily injury in Idaho is currently at $25,000.00 per person/$50,000.00 aggregate. In other words, you and the occupants have a total gross limit of $50,000.00 per accident with no one person in your vehicle receiving no more than the a single limit of $25,000.00. Hopefully, you had the wisdom before the collision to speak with an experienced insurance agent and purchased a policy with a higher policy limit than the minimum required by Idaho law.

The purpose of UM coverage is to provide you with insurance coverage for your bodily injury claim in the event the other driver is uninsured.

Your insurance company will likely want you to sign a blanket authorization and provide them with a recorded statement. Before you do, you should talk with an experienced trial attorney for a free initial consultation as noted above.

There are few things in life that are free, but an initial free consultation with me is one of them! You can reach me by calling 208.344.5555 or toll free at 888.617.8021 or by completing the online form at http://mortonlawyers.com.





Alan Morton
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