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The Five Types of Experts Who Can Help Settle Your Car Crash Claim

expert witnessIn some accident cases, it's clear who's liable for the incident and the injuries caused by the crash, but this isn't the experience of many victims. The negligent driver’s insurance company often finds reasons to dispute who caused the crash, or the severity of the injuries, in an effort to deny the claim or reduce its value.

If you're fighting to obtain the compensation you deserve, you may need the assistance of expert witnesses. They might help prove your case and defeat the arguments raised by the other driver’s insurance company.

Five Expert Witnesses Who Could Help Your Car Accident Case

Expert witnesses can analyze complex issues, draw conclusions, and explain their findings to a jury if your case goes to trial. They also often write reports summarizing their investigation and findings that can be persuasive for convincing an insurance company to settle your claim.

There are many different types of experts your attorney could find helpful, depending on the disputes in your case. Some common types of experts used in car crash cases include:

  • Medical expert. In any auto accident where injuries are suffered, a medical expert will be needed. This can be your treating physician or an independent practitioner. He'll be able to discuss the extent of your injuries, the necessary treatments, and your long-term prognosis.
  • Economic expert. An economic expert can determine the value of your lost wages, benefits, and your future medical expenses. If you suffered a long-term or permanent injury that limits your ability to return to your former job, the calculation of the lost wages could include lost promotions, benefits, retirement benefits, and more.
  • Accident reconstruction expert. When liability is disputed, you may need an accident reconstruction expert who can examine the accident scene, pictures, police report, and other evidence concerning the crash to reenact it. These experts often use complicated software to determine such issues as the speed of the vehicles, the force of the impact, and other factors that can show the other driver’s negligence.
  • Rehabilitation expert. Physical or occupational therapists, social workers, or vocational experts could be helpful in your case to explain how your injuries impact on your day-to-day life, your ability to work in the future and what, if any, job retraining you need.
  • Engineer. If your accident was caused in part by a defect in the roadway or a manufacturing defect in one of the vehicles involved in the crash, a qualified engineer might be able to prove the negligent party’s liability.

An experienced car accident attorney will have a team of qualified experts that he uses in cases similar to yours. If you or a loved one was injured in a wreck caused by another driver, use the form on this page to contact our Boise office to schedule a free consultation with Alan Morton.