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Premises Liability: What It Is and What You Must Prove to Obtain Compensation

While you may not know what premises liability is, you probably have heard about a common type of premises liability case—a slip and fall accident. Premises liability is a part of the law that holds businesses and property owners responsible for compensating victims of accidents caused by unsafe conditions on the business or person’s property. If you were injured at a business or someone’s home, chances are your case would fall under this law, so you will want to know what you have to prove to win your case.

caution wet floor sign at staircaseWhat You Have to Prove in a Premises Liability Case

Like most personal injury cases, premises liability cases are based on negligence. You must show that the property owner was negligent in the maintenance and ownership of the property. Just because you were injured at a business or someone’s property does not mean the owner was negligent. You must prove the following:

  • A defect existed on the property
  • You suffered injuries caused by the defect
  • The person or business you are making the claim against is the owner or occupier of the property
  • The business or property owner knew or should have known about the defect and failed to repair it or warn you of the danger

Types of Premises Liability Cases

Many different types of accidents would fall under premises liability law besides slip and fall accidents. Some of these include:

  • Inadequate maintenance of property
  • Defective conditions on property
  • Inadequate building security that leads to an assault or an injury
  • Elevator and escalator accidents
  • Dog and other animal bites
  • Swimming pool accidents
  • Amusement park and other recreational facility accidents
  • Fires
  • Water leaks and flooding
  • Exposure to toxic fumes or chemicals
  • Faulty machinery
  • Porch or deck collapse
  • Gym and fitness center accidents

Premises liability cases can be complex and more than one party can face responsibility for compensating you. That’s why you need an experienced premises liability attorney.

If you or a family member was injured at a business or at a person’s property, call me at 888.716.8021 to schedule a free consultation to learn about your legal options and how I can help you.