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If You've Been Injured in a "Big Rig" Accident, Your Claim Is Different Than a Car Accident


You don't want to make the mistake of thinking of your truck accident like you would if two cars were involved. Your attorney shouldn't treat your case like this either if he's experienced in handling truck crash cases. The reality is a large truck accident affects many aspects of your injury case—including the amount of your settlement.


How Big Rig Truck Accidents Differ From Passenger Vehicle Crashes

Truck accident cases can be more complicated to prove and challenging to settle. Here are the significant ways in which they differ from car wrecks:

  • Severity of the injuries. Because a fully-loaded truck can weigh 80,000 pounds, it can cause substantially more serious injuries in a crash. This can result in higher compensation for your settlement. However, this type of accident can also make it more challenging to settle your claim because insurance companies often raise more disputes when the value of the claim is higher.
  • Different laws. Truck drivers and trucking companies must comply with many federal and state regulations regarding how many hours truckers can drive, inspection of trucks, truck driver qualifications, and more. Additional evidence that points to violation of these laws could hold the trucker and trucking company responsible for compensating you.
  • More liable parties. Many different parties, such as truck or parts manufacturers, suppliers, and mechanics, could be at fault in your truck wreck. In a car accident, often only the negligent driver is liable for the victim’s losses.
  • More documents. Both the trucking company and trucker are required to maintain detailed records regarding the trucker’s training, license, and medical condition; inspection and repair of the truck; and the hours of driving. These documents could be extremely helping in showing how their negligence caused your injuries.
  • Different insurance policies. Trucking companies carry insurance policies with significantly higher coverage for its fleet than a typical motorist would for passenger vehicles. While this can increase the chances of you receiving compensation for a full recovery, it might also mean the trucking company's insurance adjuster will try to raise more issues to deny or reduce your claim.


You want an experienced truck accident attorney who understands these important differences and the many complexities of these cases. Contact Morton Law Offices at 208.344.5555 to schedule a free consultation with Alan Morton.