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Why Your Child May Die From a Pharmacy Mistake

As a parent, you would do whatever it takes to protect your child, including giving her the proper medical care she needs. When you ended up in the emergency room of St. Luke’s because she was sick, you were scared, stressed, and hopeful she would be OK. You were given a prescription to take to the pharmacy and as soon as it was filled, you gave it to her.

Unfortunately, instead of making her better, the medication made things much worse. When you had to take her back to the ER, a doctor noticed that the pharmacy made a mistake in the dosage instructions on the label, which resulted in you giving her the wrong amount.

Why Pharmacy Mistakes Are So Deadly for Children

Although everyone makes mistakes, these types of errors are often fatal for children more than they are for adults, and here’s why:

  • Children’s bodies metabolize medication differently than adults do, which means what works for an adult could cause major problems for a child.
  • A child’s body is still developing so her organs work differently than an adult’s.
  • Children may not show symptoms of medication errors until it is too late. Additionally, infants and small children lack the communication skills it takes to tell their parents they feel ill because of the medication.
  • Children do not have fully developed immune systems and their bodies aren’t able to fight off sickness as well as an adult can.

Why These Mistakes Occur

Besides the fact that pharmacists are human and make mistakes, other factors work into why they typically make these dangerous errors. The following are common reasons for pharmacist error:

  • Many are overworked. Pharmacists are often asked to work long and grueling shifts. As a result, they are typically tired and burned out and make mistakes that can seriously compromise the health of your child.
  • The pressure is on. In order to keep up with patient demands, pharmacists are forced to work fast. Working quickly increases the chances of making mistakes, such as putting the wrong medication in the bottle or writing the wrong dosing instructions.

 No matter what the reasons are, however, there is no excuse when your child suffers because of an error, and you can do something about it.

What You Can Do

Did you child become sick because of a pharmacy error? If so, you are probably facing thousands of dollars in medical bills because of the mistake. If you don’t think you should be held responsible for those fees, contact the Morton Law Offices. We want to talk to you about your situation and may be able to help.