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Slip and Fall Accidents in Public Restrooms

public restroomMost people might give a thought about the cleanliness of a public bathroom before deciding to use one, but wouldn't consider the restroom’s potential dangers. People can suffer slip and fall accidents in these hard-surface areas that result in long-term complications, such as traumatic brain injuries, broken bones, and neck and back injuries.

Public restrooms in malls, grocery stores, office buildings, hospitals, and restaurants are just a few places that may have hazardous conditions.

Why Do Slip and Fall Accidents Happen in Public Bathrooms?

Business and property owners who offer public restrooms have a duty to keep them sanitary and safe. This job can be harder than some owners think given the high volume of use of these
facilities, which can increase the slip and fall dangers when the
restrooms aren't regularly monitored and cleaned.

Common ways that slip and fall victims are injured include:

  • Leaks and spills. When pipes and faucets leak water onto floors, they can become slippery. In addition, spills of water and soap that aren't promptly cleaned up can be a fall hazard.
  • Debris. Unfortunately, not all people who use public restrooms are considerate of others and pick up after themselves. When paper towels, toilet paper, and other debris are strewn all over the floor, the likely result is an injured patron.
  • Overflow. If a sink or toilet becomes clogged, this can cause slippery, unsanitary conditions. Staff must promptly clean up any messes and place warning signs in clear sight to alert people of potential hazards, especially if the problem won't be fixed quickly.
  • Flooring. With high restroom traffic, tiles and other types of flooring can become cracked or broken. If not inspected regularly for possible problems, or if repairs aren't completed in a timely manner, flooring issues may create tripping dangers.


Were you or a family member injured in a slip and fall accident while using a public restroom? Obtaining the compensation you deserve may be more complicated than you think. Let Alan Morton take over the burden of investigating your accident and negotiating your settlement. Review his case results to see how he has helped other clients, then call to schedule your free consultation.