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Every Parent’s Nightmare: Prevent Your Child’s Hospital Stay From Becoming a Boise Wrongful Death Claim

You are experiencing every parent’s worst nightmare: your child has to stay in the hospital. Whether she is sick or has sustained an injury, your young one is going through an experience you want to end happily. Although she will likely come out of the situation fine, mistakes can happen. Here, a Boise wrongful death attorney discusses what you can do to increase your child’s chances of recovering.

Before Going to the Hospital

  • Keep records. Record everything about your child that you think may be relevant, including the type of medication she is currently taking, any allergies, your child’s condition, and test results. Write down any questions you may have had and the answers you’ve received. The more information you present, the better.
  • Gather information. Research as much as you can about your child’s condition, any procedures she may need and the possible adverse reactions.

While In the Hospital

  • Read the doctors’ orders for your child. If any consistencies are present or you notice any errors, alert someone immediately.
  • Encourage your child to speak up if he has a concern and to let someone know if something is wrong.
  • Inspect your child’s identification bracelet and make sure the information is correct. Tell your child to never take it off and explain why keeping it on is important.
  • Make sure the nurses check the ID bracelet before administering any treatment or performing any tests.


Preventing the wrongful death of a child is just about every parent’s goal. Although the doctors and nurses are competent and likely taking great care of your child, a life-threatening mistake could be made.

If such a tragedy happens to your family, the attorneys at Morton Law Office want to help. Contact us today to speak with a compassionate and experienced attorney about your situation. We may be able to get you the justice you seek.

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Alan Morton
Advocate for Justice/Trial Lawyer