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$2 Million Painting Involved in Boise Auto Accident Escapes Unscathed

Posted on Feb 23, 2014


On Tuesday, January 28th, an auto accident on Interstate 84 in Boise resulted in three people being injured. The crash involved a semi-trailer that was carrying a painting worth a reported $2 million. The truck struck a light pole and several concrete barriers near the Cole-Overland exit at approximately 2:30 a.m. The driver, along with two passengers, suffered injuries in the accident.

According to reports, the painting being transported by the semi-trailer was donated to a museum. B&W Wrecker Service, who responded to the scene of the accident, stated that the painting was fortunately not damaged in the crash. After the wreckage was cleared, the painting was sent back on its way to the museum. The parties involved in the accident declined to release additional information for security purposes.

Idaho State Police responded to the accident after a passenger car hit a light pole, causing it to fall across the eastbound lanes of I-84. Sergeant Fred Rice stated that the semi-trailer struck the large end of the pole, pulling the vehicle to the left and into the center median guardrail. It finally came to a stop when it struck a retaining wall.

Sergeant Rice further reported that two of the individuals involved in the crash suffered minor injuries, while a third incurred several fractured ribs. Another car also struck the pole, though its passengers were not injured. The eastbound lanes of I-84 had to be closed for over an hour after the crash in order to allow crews time to clear the debris and treat the victims. The westbound lanes were closed for nearly three hours. The entire area was slick and dangerous due to spilled diesel fuel.

Police are currently searching for the car that initially struck the light pole, causing it to fall. The driver left the scene of the accident before police and cleaning crews arrived to investigate.

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