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26 Vehicles Involved in Crash on I-84

Posted on Jan 18, 2015

BAKER CITY, Ore. -- A multi-vehicle crash occurred on Interstate 84 in Oregon yesterday morning stopping traffic between Pendleton and Ontario involving at least 26 vehicles including a dozen semi-trucks. Twelve people were taken by ambulance to area hospitals including at least one person who was transferred to a hospital in Boise with serious injuries.

Oregon State Police report that the crash began around 4:54 in the morning involving a couple of semis that crashed on the interstate. The trucks were traveling down a hill, hit a patch of black ice and crashed causing a "cascade effect" involving several other vehicles.

At least 2 of the trucks were transporting hazardous materials which required hazmat teams to respond to the scene.

Traveling during winter conditions requires special precautions.

Accidents involving semi-trucks are particularly complex and need immediate investigation on your behalf by competent investigators and reconstructionists. Albeit the statute of limitations for bringing a claim in Idaho is only two years, truckers and trucking companies aren’t require to maintain records that long unless an attorney writes the trucker and trucking company a "spoilation letter" requesting that certain evidence be preserved.

If you or a loved one have been injured in an auto or trucking accident, you should schedule a free initial consultation with an experienced trial lawyer to help you better understand your legal rights and remedies. Accidents involving semi-trucks are particularly complete and need immediate investigation to protect your legal rights. Boise Accident Trial Lawyer Alan Morton has over 32 years of experience in helping victims of personal injury and wrongful death obtain compensation for injuries and damages they incurred due to no fault of their own. You may contact Mr. Morton to schedule a free initial consultation at his office or at your home, workplace hospital or any other convenient location by calling 208.344.5555, toll free at 888.716.8021 or by completing an online contact form. You may also wish to review the testimonials of Mr. Morton’s clients regarding the level of extraordinary service they received as client of Morton Law Offices, Chartered. Mr. Morton’s personal objective is to provide outstanding service to his clients.

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