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Boise Woman Causes Multiple Hit-and-Run Accidents, Injures Driver

Posted on Mar 23, 2014

Following several hit-and-run accidents, a woman from Boise has been arrested and charged with causing the crashes. The woman, Kawanda N. Holtmeyer, is 34 years old. The car accidents occurred on February 25th near the intersection of West Fairview Avenue and North Maple Grove Road.

Despite Ms. Holtmeyer’s attempt to avoid prosecution by fleeing the scene of the crashes, one victim served as a witness to the accident. His pickup truck was rear-ended by Ms. Holtmeyer’s Chevrolet Monte Carlo. The witness claims that Ms. Holtmeyer then drove past his vehicle on the right shoulder of the road. While doing so, she reportedly sideswiped his truck. She then pulled ahead, veered to the left, and crossed the road diagonally in front of the pickup truck—this caused another motor vehicle accident.

According to the witness, Ms. Holtmeyer then pulled to the right side of the road and drove into a parking lot on the street corner. He further stated that he attempted to follow her but was unable to do so because she sped north onto North Maple Grove Road while travelling at a high rate of speed.

Following the incident, the witness called 911. The witness once again claims to have located the suspect vehicle, this time in a field on West Sunflower Lane. He was able to make note of her license plate number. Authorities later identified  the driver of this vehicle as Ms. Holtmeyer. She was allegedly standing next to the vehicle inspecting the damage caused by the crashes.

Police officers were later able to locate Ms. Holtmeyer when she was standing outside of her home. She was arrested and booked into the Ada County Jail. The witness involved in the hit-and-run accidents suffered minor injuries as a result of the collision. Ms. Holtmeyer is now charged with a felony of having left the scene of an injury accident. She has also been charged with reckless driving.

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