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Posted on Mar 13, 2014

Owners of Woodland Empire Ale Craft told the Idaho Department of Transportation that the billboard on top of the brewery would be removed in April. Transportation deemed the sign was too similar to those on the westbound I-184 Connector entrance located nearby.

The Idaho Transportation Department has advised a local brewery to remove a sign positioned near the entrance of Interstate I-184 known as "The Connector" at 11th Street and Front Street in Boise, Idaho.

The Idaho Transportation Department says that the offending sign is located near other highway directional signs which is made to look as if it were an official highway sign and believes that the sign will confuse drivers approaching the Connector and/or otherwise create a safety issue.

The owner of the brewery, Dennis Scmidt, is reported to have advised that the business will remove the sign.

Over 37,000 vehicles are reported to travel on the Connector each day.

The Idaho Transportation Department is charged with the responsibility of enforcing state safety regulations for signs placed on or adjacent to a state public highway in order to protect the safety of vehicles traveling on a public highway.

A vehicle traveling 35 miles per hour is traveling at a distance of 51.33 feet per second. By removing unnecessary signs that look like official directional signs, it is hoped that the action will reduce driver distraction and reduce the risk of drivers taking their eyes off the road which create a safety hazard.


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