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Over 40 Cars Involved in a Massive I-84 Pileup Near Boise

Posted on Jan 23, 2014

On Thursday, January 9th, slick roads and poor visibility resulted in a massive auto accident involving more than 40 vehicles on Interstate 84 near Boise. Quick moving fog was said to be the main culprit of the crash, with witnesses reporting that within a three or four minute time frame, they could suddenly no longer see more than 30 or 40 feet ahead. At least 10 people were injured as a result of the pileup.

According to Idaho State Police spokeswoman Teresa Baker, the accident was initiated when a motorist driving a black Subaru attempted to move to the right lane in order to avoid an earlier crash. While attempting the maneuver, the black Subaru struck a silver Subaru also travelling on Interstate 84. A logging truck then struck the black Subaru, and the pileup of cars ensued. Four other tractor-trailers were involved in the crash. The accidents took place in the westbound lanes of the interstate.

Sadly, the driver of the black Subaru was seriously hurt. His vehicle was badly crushed and he had to be extricated in order to transport him to the area hospital. While his injuries were extensive, they are fortunately not considered life threatening.

On the morning of the crash, dense fog combined with sleeting rain created hazardous road conditions that led to numerous motor vehicle accidents in and around Boise. The quickly moving fog reportedly caught many drivers unaware. Idaho State Police Captain Bill Gardiner also noted that speed might have been a factor in some of the crashes, with some drivers reportedly travelling too fast for the poor road conditions.

The Morton Law Offices extends well wishes to the individuals and families involved in the crash. To learn more about auto accidents in Boise, we welcome you to follow us on Facebook.

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