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Pit Bull Attacks 8 Yr Old

Posted on Apr 06, 2014


SPOKANE -- Hearing screams from children coming from an nearby alley behind his home, Craig Randleman thought to himself that the screams were different from the types of screams he heard coming from children playing nearby he had heard before.  Randleman had been working on his van at the time he heard the screams, and he stopped and looked down the alley only to see a pit bull attacking an 8 yr old girl who was lying on the ground. Another neighbor spotted the dog attack at the same time, and so the men heroically moved in to intervene. They both pulled the dog off of the girl, but the dog immediately returned to her again. Randleman said that she was "really torn up. It was really bad."

Both men fought the attacking dog. The dog then turned to attack Randleman by lunging at his face. He described the incident as a "minute of pure terror."

The dog bit Randleman on his right arm and tore the skin and muscle down to the bone. His neighbor hit and kicked the dog repeatedly as Randleman fought to break loose. The dog let go, but then attacked again biting into Randleman’s left bicep. The neighbor removed the girl from the alley as Randleman climbed over a neighbor’s fence, but the dog also climbed the tall fence to get him. Randleman thought for a moment that he was going to die. Fortunately, another neighbor arrived on the scene with a shove when suddenly another pit bull arrived on the scene. Fortunately, the other pit bull did not engage or participate in the attack.

The neighbor with the shovel saved the day. However, Randleman needed more than 40 stitches to repair his wounds on his arms and face.

At present, the Spokane County Regional Animal Protection Service is conducting an investigation to determine if the dogs should be considered dangerous under the statute and if so whether the dogs should be put down and the owner face criminal charges. Animal Protection Services has seized the dogs.

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Alan Morton
Advocate for Justice/Trial Lawyer