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Snow Day!!

Posted on Jan 04, 2017

On Wednesday, January 4, 2017, both the Boise School District and West Ada School District issued a "snow day" closing area schools due to a winter storm warning dumping more snow in the Treasure Valley. The roads are particularly challenging in the local neighborhoods with county snow plows being taxed to the maximum just to keep up with snow removal on the interstate and major arterial streets. I found that I even got stuck just out of my driveway this morning, but fortunately, I had purchased studded snow tires for my wife’s SUV and was able to "push" my vehicle out of the snow drift and back into the garage and then took my wife to work in her SUV. We had no problem traveling in her vehicle which was properly fitted with studded snow tires.

Word to the wise. The roads are passable today but with difficulty. We need to leave earlier than normal to account for the additional time needed to commute to work given the inclement weather and road conditions due to continued snowfall during the day with more forecasted to come. I found the roads to be particularly icy last night on my way home from work mid-evening.

Make sure that you clear off all snow and ice from ALL of your windows before traveling to any destination to give you adequate means to view road conditions and hazards as you travel. Make sure that you keep your patience when traveling in inclement weather. The roads are slick, and traveling too fast for conditions only heightens the risk of being involved in a traffic accident as well as the possibility of being cited by the police if you are involved in one.

If you are involved in a collision, make sure that you call it into the police and be patient in awaiting a response. If you have any symptoms of being injured, make sure that you get your injuries looked at by either an emergency room physician or primary care physician. Before contacting an insurance company about your losses, make sure you know what your legal rights are beforehand by calling an experienced trial lawyer who handles car accidents.

You shouldn’t be compelled to sign a blanket authorization to allow an insurance company to gather information about you beyond the scope of your injuries and losses in the accident. Talk to a lawyer before doing so.

You shouldn’t be compelled to give an insurance company a recorded statement before talking with an attorney first so that you know what your legal rights are and what the insurance company is rightfully entitled to know before you respond to the claim representative’s request to record a statement from you.

Not all injuries are immediately noticed following a collision. Some injuries take up to 72 hours to manifest themselves particularly in dealing with structures of the neck and back.



In order to learn about your legal rights, give me a call for a free initial consultation. I have 35 years of experience as a trial lawyer helping victims of injury and loss. I’m happy to help you if you need my assistance. You can contact me by calling at 208.344.5555 or toll free at 888.716.8021 or by completing an online contact form. At Morton Law Offices, Chartered, we care about you and your family, and we have a wealth of knowledge and experience that we can put to work for you to address whatever problem you may have if you are injured due to someone else’s negligence.

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