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Massive Recall of Life Threatening Tuna

Posted on Mar 21, 2016

Tri-Union Seafoods, LLC has announced a massive recall of its product Chicken of the Sea tuna packed in both water and in oil because of "possible life-threatening" contamination. The manufacturer announced that it is recalling over 107,000 cans of its product due to a discovery of possible containment as a result of a routine inspection that found an equipment malfunction that left the food undercooked. The products in question were manufactured and distributed between February 10, 2016 and March 19, 2016.

Consumers are encouraged to call the manufacturer for a full refund at 866.600.8026.

The lot numbers of the products involved according to the Food and Drug Administration are noted as follows:

(1)  Chicken of the Sea packed in oil with a UPC number of 0 4800000195 5 and lot numbers as follows:





(2) Chicken of the Sea packed in water with a UPC number of 0 4800000245 7 and lot numbers as follows:

-- 6OJEB SCAEB — 2/18/19

-- 6OJCB SCAFB — 2/18/19

-- 6ONEB SCAIB — 2/22/19

-- 6OOFZ SCAFB — 2/23/19

-- 6ORDB SCAFB — 2/25/19

-- 6ORAB SCAFB — 2/25/19

-- 6L2CB SCAFB — 3/2/19

-- 6L32B SCAEB — 3/3/19

-- 6L33B SCAEB — 3/3/19

-- 6L35B SCAEB — 3/3/19

-- 6L3CB SCAEB — 3/3/19

If you or a loved one are seriously injured as a result of food contamination, you should contact an experienced trial lawyer for a free initial consultation. Boise Personal Injury and Wrongful Death Trial Lawyer Alan Morton has assisted a number of families who have been injured as a result of food contamination including, but not limited to those who suffered from the effects of e-coli from contaminated hamburger sold at Jack In The Box a few years ago. Mr. Morton would be happy to meet with you to help you better understand your legal rights and remedies. You can schedule a FREE initial consultation with him at his office or your home, workplace, hospital or any other convenient location by calling 208.344.5555, toll free at 888.716.8021 or by completing an online contact form.

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