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Former Clients Compliment Mr. Morton’s Handling of Their Cases

Mr. Morton believes in the power of client testimonials. Hear what his satisfied clients had to say about hiring Mr. Morton to represent them in their workers’ compensation, accident injury, and medical malpractice cases. Find our why Alan L. Morton should be your Boise trial attorney.

I came to Morton Law Offices, Chartered by way of a referral from another Idaho attorney.  As a client of Alan Morton, my experience was phenomenal. At all times during my lawsuit, I felt that Mr. Morton had my best interests at heart. Alan Morton took the time to become thoroughly familiar with the facts of my case which was relatively complex. I felt safe and protected all the while he had my case.  Alan Morton is a man of integrity. He regularly kept me informed of the status of my case all throughout the lawsuit. I know that he fights hard for his clients as he fought tenaciously on my behalf to make the adverse party accept responsibility for the injuries and damages I incurred.

I give Boise trial lawyer Alan Morton my highest recommendation to anyone who is in need of an attorney.

Diane Swycaffer, Boise, ID


I think Mr. Morton’s work as my lawyer was nothing less than amazing regarding my claim for workers compensation. My former employer’s insurance company treated me like dirt. Mr. Morton took the case over. He made me feel confident in the case, and helped me every step of the way. He helped me better understand my legal rights and options, and made the process understandable to me. He staffed the case with consultants and experts we could use that helped me prove my case for workers compensation benefits. Mr. Morton kept me informed by way of letters and emails as well as a number of phone calls when I moved out of state to live with my family, because I was out of work and out of money. He showed me how to keep a pain journal and also how to document my search for employment to demonstrate my loss of access to the local labor market.

My doctor released me to return to work without any restrictions which would deny me the ability to obtain any disability benefits over and above my impairment, but my ankle was unstable having had not one but two surgeries. Mr. Morton arranged to have me see an independent doctor to rebut the opinion of my treating physician. I feel that Mr. Morton is a genius in the manner in which he conducted the negotiations on my behalf with my former employer’s insurance company.

I highly recommend Mr. Morton to anyone in need of legal services. Hiring Mr. Morton was the best decision I ever made.

Camren Levi Moothart, Caldwell, ID

One evening I was riding my motorcycle home from a long day at work. I stopped at a stop light and while I was waiting for the light to change from red to green, a car crashed into the rear end of my motorcycle. Upon impact, the vehicle then ran me over. I was in severe pain having suffering a broken wrist and multiple bruises, lacerations and burns from the other driver’s catalytic converter that came to rest over me when the other driver eventually came to a stop. I was able to maneuver out from under the car but received no assistance whatsoever from the other driver at the scene; she just stayed in her car the whole time after she ran over me.

Her insurance company was also rude and uncaring when I called to try to get them to help me pay for my medical bills and lost wages I had incurred. I was off of work for over a year due to the severity of my injuries.

Given my situation, I knew I was in trouble, and I needed the help of an experienced trial lawyer to help me get just compensation for my injuries and lost wages. I did my research online, and I found Attorney Alan Morton’s name. Others I knew also told me that Mr. Morton had a great reputation for helping his client’s get justice on their behalf. I called and talked with Mr. Morton over the home. He also came over to my house to visit with me about my case since travel for me to his office was difficult due to my injuries. It turned out to be a great decision on my part to contact him.

After meeting with Mr. Morton, I hired him to be my trial lawyer. His work was tremendous on my behalf. I received monthly status reports concerning the progress he had made in the case. Although I was stopped at a stop light at the time of the collision, the other driver’s lawyer denied any responsibility for my injuries and damages. Mr. Morton’s work including the filing of a lawsuit on my behalf. He served what he referred to as written discovery upon the other driver including written interrogatories (questions), requests for production of documents and requests for admission as well as conducted the taking of the other driver’s deposition which work was key in getting the defendant’s insurance company to change course and admit to liability after Mr. Morton had filed a motion for partial summary judgment on my behalf. He showed defense counsel in short order that a jury would award damages well in excess of the defendant’s policy limits had the insurance carrier failed to tender the policy limits to settle my personal injury claim prior to trial.

Mr. Morton worked tirelessly on my behalf to help me get justice. Mr. Morton met with my employer at my place of work and others and obtained critical evidence on my behalf to prove my case in the event we had to go to trial. I was very impressed with his work. I was also impressed with the manner in which he returned my calls and my emails keeping me well informed concerning the status of my case. He even gave me his cell phone number so that I could get in touch with him after hours if I needed to talk to him about my case.

I found Mr. Morton and his staff to be very professional and helpful to me in my case. Mr. Morton gave me excellent advice, and he came through for me in a big way.

Unfortunately, I was uninsured at the time of the crash, but Mr. Morton was able to meet with my doctors personally at their offices and talked with my doctors to help me get the medical treatment and therapy I needed in order to get me back on my feet again. Mr. Morton talked with each and every medical provider I had, and he was also successful in negotiating with my medical providers and their collection agencies hired to abate further collection of my outstanding medical expenses. After my case settled, Mr. Morton also was successful in negotiating down the medical expense I owed for my treatment and therapy saving me a considerable amount of money.

Mr. Morton even made arrangements for me with a local bank to help me open a bank account so that I could get immediate access to my net settlement proceeds after the case settled.

Without reservation, I highly recommend Mr. Morton to any of you and your families should you need to consult with an attorney for any reason. He does what he says he’s going to do. He worked hard for me, and helped me get back on my feet. He treated me as if I were one of his family. I greatly appreciated the services that he and his staff provided to me, and I suggest that if you or a loved one are ever injured due to someone else’s fault that you should contact Mr. Morton right away to schedule a free initial consultation. He went well over and above going the extra mile for me, and I’m confident that he will do the same for you.

Stephen Paul Glaze, Caldwell, ID

After being rear-ended while waiting at a stoplight I hired Alan to represent me. The case lasted about 6 months before it was finally settled (favorably). During the process Alan did a very good job of keeping me informed regarding the status and developments in the case. Alan was extremely professional and clear with me regarding what I needed to do to (getting treatment, keeping a journal, etc.). Not only was Alan great as an attorney, he was also concerned for my well-being and recovery.

David Phillips, Boise, ID

I am a legal assistant and work for another law firm in Boise. I was involved in a significant car wreck and was treated poorly by the other driver’s insurance company. I felt I needed to retain an experienced trial lawyer to help me deal with the myriad of issues I was confronted with concerning my claim. I had medical bills mounting and time off work and I wanted to hire the best of the best. I started my research with friends of mine who referred me to Attorney Alan Morton. I found that Mr. Morton had over 34 years of experience in helping victims of personal injury just like me. I also checked Mr. Morton out online and reviewed the many testimonials rendered by his former clients. So I retained Mr. Morton to help me with my case. Mr. Morton spent considerable time with me to help me better understand my legal rights and remedies as well as my options in how to proceed in my case. Not only did Mr. Morton help me, but I was impressed by the help I received from his staff. Mr. Morton kept me well informed every step of the case. And since the other driver’s insurance company refused to negotiate with me initially, I hired Mr Morton, and he and his staff provided me with outstanding service. If you need to consult with an attorney, I would highly recommend that you contact Mr. Morton for a free initial consultation.

Jennifer Roam, Boise, ID


I hired Alan Morton to represent me regarding a claim for workers compensation due to an injury I had at work. Mr. Morton did a good job for me. He kept me well informed all throughout t he claim process. He provided me with regular status report about the process of the case at least monthly. The insurance company denied my claim for any disability benefits over and above the impairment that I was rated for by my doctor. Mr. Morton had a team of experts available to help me establish my claim that my impairment caused me a significant loss of access to the open labor market. He worked hard for me and it was apparent to me that his work was a significant factor in the settlement I was able to receive. Mr Morton returned my emails to me in a timely fashion and kept me well informed every step in my case. He provided me with sound advice that was very helpful to me.

Michael Mantey, Boise, ID


Alan Morton represented me in an auto injury case. He was caring, informed, helpful and able to bring about a positive resolution to our case. If you've been severely injured, the effects may last the rest of your life. Alan will make sure that the Insurance company(s) treat you fairly. If you've been injured, you owe it to yourself to contact Alan and at least review your situation with him. He'll make sure your legal rights are protected.

Rick Skinner, Boise, Idaho


I was referred to Mr. Morton by another attorney concerning my claim for bodily injury arising from an auto accident. Mr. Morton was very thorough in explaining to my husband and I about our legal rights and remedies. We retained him to help us obtain compensation for our losses. He was in constant contact with us and kept us well informed regarding the status of our case. He filed a lawsuit on our behalf, and we were very pleased with the result he obtained for us. We highly recommend Mr. Morton to anyone that is injured and needs to consult with a lawyer.

Linda Sanders, Meridian, ID

Alan Morton has represented me regarding a couple of motorcycle accidents I was involved in wherein I received bodily injuries as a result of each one. He provided me outstanding service each time I retained him. He kept me well informed regarding the status of my claims and provided me with written status reports while my claims were pending. I have recommended a number of my friends and family members to Mr. Morton whenever they needed an attorney, and I will continue to do so. Mr. Morton is an excellent attorney.

Claude West, Star, Idaho


Mr. Morton represented me regarding a claim for workers compensation. The level of service that Mr. Morton and his staff provided me was excellent. Mr. Morton and his staff were very responsive to my needs. They responded to each of my inquiries in a timely manner by email and phone calls. I was able to contact Mr. Morton on his personal time after business hours which I appreciated. The team effort in the office shows by the quality of the service that they provided to me. I certainly recommend Mr. Morton and his staff to anyone in need of legal services.

Deanna Daniels-Moore, Boise, ID

Alan Morton did a good job for me as my trial lawyer. He stayed on top of opposing counsel all throughout my claim. He didn’t jump through their hoops. Mr. Morton kept me well informed as to what was going on in my case all the while he represented me. He was easily assessable to me whenever I had a question or concern. I appreciated that. He showed me great consideration for the problems I was facing due to the injuries I had incurred and was of great assistance to me through my ordeal. I would without hesitation refer Mr. Morton to anyone who is in need of a lawyer.

Patrick Wickard, Nampa, ID


I hired Alan Morton to represent me regarding a claim for workers compensation benefits. The job he performed was well done. Being represented by Alan Morton was a very good decision on my part, and I believe that the outcome for me was 100% better than had I hired any other attorney. Mr. Morton kept me well informed all throughout the claim. The ultimate costs for pursuing my claim were very reasonable. I highly recommend Mr. Morton to anyone who needs an attorney concerning any personal injury.

Matt Weaver, Middleton, ID

I retained Boise Attorney Alan Morton to represent my two children and I regarding injuries that we incurred as a result of a car wreck. Mr. Morton’s work was excellent. He was very patient with me. I am very happy with the whole process in which he handled our claim as well as the outcome. On a scale of 1 to 5 stars, I would give Mr. Morton a total of 6 for the service he provided to me as my lawyer!!

Alan was very professional in the way he handled my case. He kept me well informed regarding all the things that were going on regarding my claim. He helped me better understand my legal rights. If I ever need a trial lawyer for myself or any other family member, I will certainly call upon Mr. Morton to represent us. I highly recommend Attorney Alan Morton to anyone who needs a trial lawyer or any help regarding a claim for personal injury.

Marisa Martinez, Boise, Idaho

I am very happy with the services I received as a client of Morton Law Offices, Chartered.  I had a complicated personal injury case.  Hiring Attorney Alan Morton helped me relieve my stress.  I am a professional nurse by trade.  I was very satisfied with the work Mr. Morton did for me. He was able to answer my questions in a timely manner, and provided me with regular updates so I was well informed throughout the case regarding what was happening on my claim.  I received a call from one of the insurance companies involved in the case, and they were very rude to me. In fact, they were horrible to deal with.  Hiring Mr. Morton not only relieved my stress in having to deal with the insurance companies in this matter, he made it possible for me to go on with my life without having to spend hours with the insurance companies involved in this case.  I was very impressed with Mr. Morton.  I highly recommend Mr. Morton to anyone who may be in need of consulting with an attorney.

March Gould, Caldwell, Idaho

My experience with Mr. Morton was that he was concise, prompt, intransigent and non-wavering in pursuit of my bodily injury claim arising from a car accident. I like Mr. Morton, because he was focused on my case until we reached a resolution of the case. His work was outstanding. He is exceptionally clever in his work.

He provided me with his personal cell phone number and email address so that if I needed to get ahold of him after hours I could do so. He provided me with regular status reports throughout my case as well as timely follow up phone calls. His staff was also "top notched" and provided me with outstanding service.

I was referred to Mr. Morton by a videographer in the Treasure Valley who recommended him highly.

Mr. Morton acted in a professional manner all throughout my case, and I highly recommend his services to anyone who may be in need of a trial lawyer.

J. Timothy Arnett, Boise, Idaho

I retained Morton Law Offices, Chartered to represent me in connection with a personal injury claim. From the very start, I was impressed with Alan Morton’s thoroughness in getting the job done for me.  He has a keen eye and attention to detail.  He certainly dots the “I”s and crosses the “T”s in everything he did for me.  I felt that he had my best interests at heart all the while he represented me.  He was accessible to me all throughout my claim to answer my questions and concerns.  He even provided me with his cell phone number so that I could reach with him after hours or on the weekend, if necessary.  If I  ever need an attorney in the future, Mr. Morton is my first and only choice.

Because of the rigors of my job, that made it difficult for me to take time off of work to travel to an attorney’s office.  Mr. Morton, on more than one occasion, was willing to meet with me at my work when we needed to get together to go over material on my case and/or for me to sign important documents.  I enthusiastically endorse and recommend Alan Morton to anyone who may need an attorney to help them. 

Wendy Alexander, Nampa, ID

I hired Trial Lawyer Alan Morton to help me with an auto accident claim. He provided me with excellent service throughout the claim and lawsuit. He was very kind and accessible to me. His communication skills are excellent in explaining complex legal jargon in a way I could understand. Mr. Morton provided me with copies of every document he prepared and received throughout my case. He was on top of my case. I am very impressed with how he approached my case. He certainly showed to me that he really cared about me. I appreciate the fact that he is well educated and experienced, and he explained to me my options throughout the entire claim process. Mr. Morton made it easier for me to understand how I should proceed. He is very organized. His assistant was also very sweet, helpful, and a pleasure to work with. I am proud to have had Mr. Morton as my lawyer! He helped me when no one else would. I highly recommend Alan Morton and his team at Morton Law Offices, Chartered to anyone who needs a lawyer.

Lavonna Sue Wiese Lloyd, Boise, Idaho

Mr. Morton did an outstanding job for me. I incurred a severe injury to my pelvis in an accident at work. Mr. Morton treated my wife and I as if we were family. He kept us well informed all throughout the case, and treated us with respect and kindness. He was very professional and made time for us to answer our questions concerning our workers compensation claim whenever we called. He was very accessible to us. I certainly would recommend Mr. Morton and his staff to anyone in need of a lawyer.

Esref Sacirovic, Boise, ID

 I hired Boise Trial Lawyer Alan Morton to represent me for injuries I incurred as a result of a car accident.  I liked the idea of him talking to me as if I were apart of his family!  He worked really hard for my family and I throughtout my claim.  He explained matters concerning my case in clear terms that I could understand.  Working with Mr. Morton on my case brought me peace of mind.  I appreciate everything he's done for my family and I during a very difficult time for me.  I highly recommend him to anyone who needs an attorney. 

Claudia Solis, Kuna, ID

Mr. Morton was thorough and professional in his dealings with me all throughout my personal injury case. He performed his work in a timely manner, and left nothing wanting from a legal perspective. Mr. Morton was also kind, compassionate and understanding. His attention to detail is most impressive. He always got back to me when I contacted him with a question. We had a strong line of communication, and I never had to worry about him or my case. He was diligent in following through with his promises to me. I had a sense of security that I was being taken care all throughout the claims process. He sought my input and feedback during the case, and I felt confident that my needs were foremost in his approach. I have referred other family, friends and acquaintances to Mr Morton, and I will continue to do so if they need legal services. Mr. Morton is the lawyer’s lawyer!! He has an excellent reputation in the Treasure Valley. He is the attorney you want on your side; he’s the attorney you need on your side. I appreciate all he did for me on my case.

Joanna Williams, Meridian, ID

Our attorney Alan Morton was "on top" of everything associated with my claim for personal injuries associated with a motor vehicle crash. He is awesome! He provided my husband and I with outstanding service and provided us with regular updates concerning the progress of our case. He kept us well informed as to what was happening throughout the claim process which was a great relief to us throughout the claim.

Mr. Morton is a tough negotiator. We were pleased in the manner in which he represented our family. I highly recommend Alan Morton to our friends and family who may need a lawyer to help them.

Cassidy Anderegg, Boise, ID

Mr. Morton represented my family and I regarding the wrongful death of our daughter. He was accessible to me on a 24/7 basis and helped me tremendously. He helped me through a very stressful period in my life. The work he performed was extraordinary. Mr. Morton demonstrated that he was always concerned for our family’s well being. He certainly takes his clients’ feelings to heart. He is both compassionate and sensitive to the needs of his clients but also aggressive in pursuit of their legal rights. I highly recommend Mr. Morton to anyone who may need a lawyer.

Julia Bronson, Marsing, Idaho

I hired Alan Morton to represent me concerning a car accident, and I am very pleased with the service Mr. Morton and his staff provided to me. In fact, his services were nothing more than excellent. He kept me well informed about my case from the date I retained him up and through to the day that we concluded the case. I highly recommend Mr. Morton to all of my friends, family and anyone else who may need the assistance of an experienced trial lawyer. I appreciated working with both Mr. Morton and his team. They were very nice to work with.

Gloria Mills, Boise, ID

Boise Attorney at Law Alan Morton represented my business regarding a labor dispute, and he provided me with answers to some very tough questions. He was able to explain to me in layman's terms what needed to be done to handle our situation. We appreciate his time and his efforts and his persistence during our situation. I highly recommend Mr. Morton to any business or person who needs a trusted and well respected attorney.

Dorothy Miller, Star, ID

I hired Attorney Alan Morton to represent my family and I regarding the wrongful death of my late husband. Mr. Morton was willing to come visit with me in my home rather than have me to come to his office which was a tremendous benefit to me during my time of distress and difficulty.

Mr. Morton and his staff were fabulous to work with. He was tough and worked aggressively on our behalf, but at the same time he was compassionate and understanding to my family and I throughout the entire case. He worked hard and was diligent in keep ing us well informed throughout the claim. The service Mr. Morton and his staff provided to us was excellent. I highly recommend Alan Morton and his staff to anyone who may need an attorney.

Devon Orr, Meridian, ID

I want to thank you for your wonderful advice and helping us get through something that could have been very damaging for the rest of our lives. You're a fantastic lawyer and great friend. Thank you. Alan L. Morton!

Natalie Elliott, Boise, ID

I was very pleased with the level of service I received from Mr. Morton and his staff. Mr. Morton was available to answer any question I had throughout my bodily injury/workers compensation claim and lawsuit. Because of my inability to travel due to my injuries, Mr. Morton was willing to come to my home to discuss my case and to answer my questions all throughout the case. Words cannot adequately express the gratitude I have for his willingness to do so. I found Mr. Morton and his staff to be cordial and professional throughout my case. I give a big thank you to Mr. Morton and his staff for the outstanding service they provided to my wife and I. I felt that he truly cared about my family and I throughout the case. I highly recommend Mr. Morton to anyone to who needs to consult with an attorney.


Don Keller, Nampa, ID

Mr. Morton represented me for injuries I incurred due to a car crash. Mr. Morton’s reputation precedes him. I was perfectedly satisfied with the results he obtained for my family and I. Mr. Morton’s no-BS approach reached all of our goals and objectives in our case in an expeditous manner. We were very pleased with the service we received from Mr. Morton and his staff, and, I highly recommend Mr. Morton without hesitation to others who are need of an attorney.

Jaymes Buchanan, Boise, ID

I absolutely trust Mr. Morton 100%. The education I received from him about the claims process was wonderful. He and his assistant have been a comfort to me. I have recommended and referred Mr. Morton to a number of my friends and family. Mr. Morton knows his stuff and is very impressive. He kept us well informed throughout my claim and lawsuit concerning the status of my case. He was very thorough in his work on my case. He speaks the truth, is direct but also courteous and respectful in the manner he has treated my family and me. He is a go-getter and by that I mean he works to get the job done and gets it done right.

I highly recommend Mr. Morton to anyone who may need a lawyer without hesitation.

Tovah L. Pryor, Boise, ID

I hired Mr. Morton to represent me concerning two workers' compensation claims. I would describe the level of service I received from Mr. Morton and his staff at 100% !! Mr. Morton was available to me whenever I had a question about my case. He took the time to explain to me in layman’s terms about the status of my case as well as about my legal rights and remedies. He also kept me regularly informed regarding the progress of the case before and after the workers' compensation complaints were filed. I felt that the settlement I received was excellent.

He and his staff were a joy to work with. Mr. Morton demonstrated throughout his representation of me that he cared about my family and I. I wouldn’t hesitate to refer anyone who is in need of a lawyer to contact and retain Mr. Morton. Mr. Morton made me feel like I was a member of his family. He took exceptionally good care of me.

Mauricio Nava, Boise, ID

Mr. Morton’s work for my mother, daughter, and I was excellent! He kept us well informed throughout our entire claim. He educated me on the relevant law concerning our case, and was there for me to answer all of my questions and concerns. I have worked with other attorneys before hiring Mr. Morton. From my experience, there are a lot of lawyers out there that are in this for themselves. They have big heads and don’t care about their clients. Mr. Morton is there for his clients. I have and will continue to refer my friends and family to Mr. Morton.  He demonstrated to my family and I by both word and deed that he cared about us. The service Mr. Morton and his staff provided was a 10 on a 1-10 scale!! If you need lawyer, I recommend that you call Mr. Morton.

Christina Gordon, Caldwell, ID

Mr. Morton was very informative, professional, accessible and detail oriented throughout my entire claim and lawsuit. He made me feel at ease with the claims process and lawsuit he filed on my behalf during what was a very difficult and trying time for me. I highly recommend Mr. Morton to anyone in need of legal services.

Andrew Lanzara, Meridian, ID

I'm happy with the services that I received as a client of Morton Law Offices, Chartered and Boise Trial Lawyer Alan Morton.  He kept me up to date on a regular basis throughout my claim and lawsuit.  I received everything I requested.

I give my highest recommendation to Alan Morton.  If you ever need the services of an attorney, I highly recommend that you contact and retain him to work for you.  He is a tireless advocate who focuses on getting results.

Mark Senteno, Boise, ID

Mr. Morton provided me with outstanding representation and service.  He prosecuted my workers' compensation case with diligence. He provided me with timely status reports and answered all of my questions and concerns. He delivered on what he promised, and he put my mind at ease.  I knew that he was there for my protection. I certainly recommend Mr. Morton to anyone who is in need of legal advice or representation.


Dan Collett, Homedale, ID

 Really great lawyer! He won my son a great settlement!

Sonja Tucker, Mountain Home, Idaho

I want to thank you again for the advice and help. Life is much better now and doing great.  Hope you are well and thanks again!

Michael Hill, Boise, ID

Your service was outstanding regarding this matter!! Your staff and you were always very nice.  The result you obtained for me was almost 5 times the initial offer I received from the insurance company on my own.  I would refer you to anyone in need of an attorney.

Dennis Snyder, Potlach, ID

I want to thank you for all of the hard work that you have done on my case in Boise for me, and I am very happy with the outcome!  I thank you again!

Christine Osborne, Ontario, Oregon

Imagine driving along through an icy rain with the radio on when suddenly a flashing light appears in your rear view mirror. You move to the right to let the vehicle by and in an instance a jacked up pick-up rear-ends you. The driver pushes you and your car head-on into the end of a guard rail, spins you around and you stop pointing in the direction you had just come from. If that wasn't enough excitement, the car with the flashing lights rams the truck that just hit you, pinning it against the barricade. Police come running with guns drawn, yelling at the Defendant, a wanted felon. I looked at the vehicles involved in the crash, they were both smoking. This was a real life event. 
This happened to me, and I really needed help and legal guidance. I did not live in Idaho and by chance I chose to called Alan Morton and his law office and that began one of the best professional relationships I have ever had. Alan guided me through the process of getting my car replaced, medical expenses paid and made the whole process understandable. Being out of state did not impede his professional care for me and my case. I had several calls and emails that kept me up-to-date on the status and progress of my case.
I am glad that it was the Morton Law Office that I chose to work for me. Alan was successful in helping me get back my losses. I will hire him again when I need legal help or guidance. Alan and his team provided me with outstanding successful legal help. If you need excellent legal help, I highly recommend Alan Morton and Morton Law Offices, Chartered. He has been a positive help in my life. Thank you Alan.

Barbara Hays, Pasco, Washington

I have known Alan Morton on a professional level for over 25 years. He has represented me and advised me on several occasions. I find that Mr. Morton is very professional, thorough and concise in his work. He is not intimidated by anyone or anything.

I have and will continue to use Mr. Morton for legal issues and I have and will continue to refer clients to him that I feel could use his legal help.

Mr. Morton is well known and respected in our community.


Rick Thurber, Boise, Idaho

Alan Morton and his staff represented my wife and I for a very frustrating, difficult civil case. It lasted almost two years, and was taxing on everyone involved.
Alan and his staff provided excellent and outstanding legal services to us! As difficult as the case was, they continued to provide us with regular updates throughout the process, and kept us very well informed about the case. At times, the outcome appeared very bleak for us. Alan stood in there and did battle for us all the way through! We would HIGHLY recommend him, and his staff, to anyone seeking legal advise and representation. Thank you Alan and the gang!!!

Jim and Dianna Hoffecker, Boise, ID

Morton Law Offices has actually hit the mark and have provided outstanding legal services twice in the past 6 years for my family and I. We always knew where we stood on our cases either by telephone and/or email updates regarding our cases. We always knew where we stood on the status of our cases, and we always had good communication, feedback from Mr. Morton and his staff. I have recommended several people to contact Mr Morton for their needs and always will, We also were referred to the law office, and it was definitely one of the best decisions we ever made!!!

Cruz Palacios, Meridian, ID

My name is Eric Fox, and I am writing this testimonial concerning Alan Morton.

Alan and I became good friends when I moved to Boise ID about eight years ago. I had some legal issues come up approximately one year ago. I retained Alan to represent me in a case against a car company here in Boise. Alan was not only extremely professional, but he kept me well informed of everything that was involved with the case. Alan did this with e-mails, phone calls, and numerous meetings at his office anytime that I needed his advice and expertise when I did not understand something pertaining to the case. We actually won our first go round. They then appealed the ruling and wanted to go to court a second time. Alan was ready both times we appeared in court. The second time the hearing lasted a brief five minutes. Alan was successful both times.

In my opinion Alan could not have done a better job for me. He was courteous, professional, and helped me remain calm in a stressful situation. I have even referred Alan to a couple of friends whom needed representation here in Boise. If anyone needs a great lawyer who definitely knows his job, do not hesitate to give Alan Morton a call.

Thank You!

Eric Fox, Boise, ID

I found the legal services rendered on my behalf by Alan Morton were truly outstanding in the following ways.

During my initial interview with Mr. Morton, he promised he would keep my best interest at the center of his activities and provide me with prompt updates regarding any changes during the process. He clearly defined his role as a legal counselor and my role and responsibilities as his client and set realistic expectations as to the possible outcome.
Alan Morton fulfilled his promise keeping me informed through the entire legal process and exceeded my expectations with a positive outcome. I truly believe Alan Morton prepared my case, remained positive and provided me excellent representation and I would recommend him without hesitation.

Danny Thomson-Belden, Meridian, ID

Alan Morton provided outstanding legal services to me regarding legal matters of my case involving a claim of medical malpractice resulting in the wrongful death of a loved one. He kept me well informed during representation. Through the entire process I was given prompt updates of the status of my case. If in need of an attorney I would highly recommend Mr. Morton.

Arthur Fuller, Halfway, OR