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Most Common Causes of Boating Accident Injuries

Alan Morton
Advocate for Justice/Trial Lawyer

http://www.MortonLawyers.com As the warmer weather is upon us, one favorite summertime activity for many people is boating. Although taking a ride on a boat sounds like fun, it can turn tragic in an instant. Unfortunately, boating accidents occur all too frequently. Watch this video to learn some of the causes of boating accidents.

There are a number of causes of boating accidents. Seven of the most common causes of people being injured in boating accidents include:

  1. Operating a boat in an unattended manner
  2. Failing to maintain a proper lookout while operating a boat
  3. Not following the rules of navigation
  4. Causing danger from the effects of the boat’s wake
  5. Allowing passengers to ride in areas on the boat that aren’t equipped with railings
  6. Permitting passengers to ride in a boat without life vests
  7. Operating a boat under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

When a boat operator fails to operate a boat safely, passengers who get injured or those who have lost their loved ones can file a claim for damages. For legal advice, contact the Morton Law Offices in Boise for a free consultation at 208.344.5555 or online at http://www.mortonlawyers.com/contact.cfm.