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Recovering After a Car Accident Caused by a Drunk Driver

Alan Morton
Advocate for Justice/Trial Lawyer

http://www.MortonLawyers.com Following a car crash involving an intoxicated driver, medical bills and property damages are likely to be substantial. The truth of the matter is that wrecks involving drunk drivers cause physical, emotional, and financial injuries that innocent victims should be compensated for.

When people get behind the wheel of a car after having too many alcoholic drinks, their motor skills and judgment are impaired. As a result, drunk driving accidents in the Boise area and nationwide happen way too often. While victims can hold drunk drivers accountable for their damages, sometimes their damages exceed the insurance coverage available. This is why victims may need to investigate the possibility that there were restaurants, bars, or other individuals who served alcohol to an obviously intoxicated person. If this is the case, victims can hold that business or person secondarily liable for their damages. These laws are referred to in Idaho as dram shop and social host statutes.

Because accidents of this nature are complex, it is best for victims of drunk driving accidents to have an attorney investigate to determine which parties could be held responsible for their medical bills, property damages, pain and suffering, lost wages, and other damages. If you would like to find out more, contact the Morton Law Offices for a free consultation at 208.344.5555 or online at http://www.mortonlawyers.com/contact.cfm.